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by Richard

Method is a company that has a new twist on products for the home. They sell cleaning and fragrance products for the home in beautifully designed packages. Method is quickly proving that cleaning products don’t have to be generic, smell like chemicals and be poisonous, as all of their cleaning products have great natural scents and are non-toxic. They also sell soap, detergent (ultra-concentrated) and air fresheners in a few different types.

I just got a package from Method in the mail, and their attention to detail even shows on the outside of the shipping box. It’s got the Method logo, their slogan on it, and silhouettes of their product bottles. I was highly impressed by that.


I’ll be holding a Method giveaway here pretty soon, so stay tuned.

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5 Responses to “Method.”

  1. scoob Says:

    what? this is a great site, but what exactly is new about this hand wash – they’ve taken a sparkly photo of it? there a zillions of non-toxic, great smelling things on the market. This is nothing newsworthy, other than , “hey, their marketing is slick”.

  2. Richard Says:

    And that’s your opinion. However, the title of the post is not Method hand wash, it’s Method, and I like the way that the company handles everything from their marketing to their selection, to the thought that seems to go into each product… to the products themselves. Just because you don’t care for it personally doesn’t mean it is not newsworthy.

    Just ask Inc. Magazine, or Parents Magazine, or Business 2.0, House and Garden, TIME magazine and all of these other publications who think that indeed, Method IS newsworthy.

    It’s not about the hand wash. I just picked a picture from their line to use.

  3. Matt Says:

    Just saw something extremely Fresh arrival worthy. This site called editables, which lets you edit websites with a wysiwyg editor….within a browser. Its slick, so go check it out ( )

  4. Chris Coyier Says:

    I’ve noticed that Target stores have started selling a ton of Method merchandise lately. I bought the plug-in air freshener primarily because I liked the design on the packaging. I’m pretty happy with it. It’s cheaper than Glade and smells better (I never found a Glade plug-in scent I liked)

  5. Richard Says:

    Yeah, I find that their prices are pretty good too. You’re not paying extra for the design or the formulas they use.