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In2TV is the new video offering from AOL that lets you watch reruns of your favorite old shows online, for free (with about 2 minutes of commercials for each program. ) It doesn’t work on Macs yet, but there are plans to support OS X users in the future as well… Of course, AOL is going to start charging for access to the shows at some point, so watch them for free while you can. I know, I know, it’s AOL… but now you can watch Kung Fu reruns on your computer for free! The list also includes Babylon 5, Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Alice, Beetlejuice, Dark Justice, Eight is Enough, Freakazoid, Growing Pains, Hanging With Mr. Cooper, Head of the Class, La Femme Nikita, Lois and Clark, New Adventures of Batman, Perfect Strangers, Pinky and the Brain, Scarecrow & Mrs. King, Sisters, Spenser for Hire, The Fugitive, V, Welcome Back Kotter, Wonder Woman and a few more.


From Shelli, a FreshArrival reader: “It’s been about a month since Fresh Arrival had a post about Sketch Swap, and I am addicted to making sketches there. In fact, I was inspired to create a blog to show my scribblings.” Awesome!

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