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The lunchbag is simple, but looks potentially very useful for those of us who bring our lunch to work/school. It’s got two insulated compartments that hold your drink and food, stretches to fit an array of different things you might want to put in it, stores flat or can be rolled up. You can even throw it in the washing machine or use it as a placemat. It’s 19.99 + 4.95 shipping.


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There are so many days here that my only comment is “Cool.”

I’ve been able to resist until now, since that really doesn’t add much value to the post. So this one counts for the next week or two:


[…] Built NY makes a great line of stylish accessories that you wouldn’t be ashamed to walk around with every day (we mentioned their lunch tote months ago). Today they’ve got a new product: the Electric Pocket. Like all of their products, the Electric Pocket is made of neoprene. It attaches like a luggage tag to whatever sort of bag or booksack you’d like to put it on, and comes in 3 sizes and 3 colors to fit everything from MP3 players to digital cameras. The Electric Pocket is also machine washable and stain resistant. […]

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