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by Richard

A product of Tubatomic Studio, Revolver is what they call a Fast Image Rotation Engine. Basically, it helps you create a slick looking photo gallery for your website that is amazingly easy to update. It doesn’t even require a database! Just upload some pictures to a folder on your website, and they’re automatically picked up. Revolver is being used here for a moblog from a Treo. I’ll probably use it for something similar very soon.

via blankenship


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2 Responses to “Revolver.”

  1. ross elliot Says:

    hey, I have a question about this.
    there is absolutely NO step by step on how to get this to work. I’d love to use it on my site, but Ic an’t figure it out. when I download and unzip it, I can’t open the image files?! what are you exactly supposed to do?

    I’d appreciate ANY help.

    – rE

  2. Chris Coyier Says:

    Hi Ross –

    There is a README in the revolver folder that spells it out pretty well. There are five default images (.GIF’s) in the folder to start with, and if you are having trouble opening them, then you are having some kind of other trouble unrelated to Revolver.

    The steps for getting it running are as easy as can be:
    1) Upload the files to a directory on your server
    2) Change the header stuff, like the page title, in the index.php file
    3) Upload your own images to the images folder following the naming scheme


    Good Luck!