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Riya is an application that has the ability to recognize people in your photos, no matter where they happen to be, or what they’re doing in the photo. It’s a pretty cool way to search through your photos… much better than organizing photos by event or by date, then searching for someone particular by hand. Someone’s just invested 15 million into the company (probably Google or Yahoo), so chances are good that you’ll see Riya technology in Flickr or Picasa in the future. I can’t wait! Riya seems to be in private beta right now, but you might be able to pick up an invite here.
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I can’t believe they’re actually making a movie with this as the subject. Yeah, it’s really about snakes on a plane.
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[…] As it happens, facial recognition is already a happening thing on the web. MyHeritage.com is offering this service and it works pretty well. What’s more, they have a cool new service called Find The Celebrity In You. All you do is upload a picture of yourself and My Heritage will do it’s thing and show you a bunch of celebrities you look like and how closely you match up. Fun fun. […]

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