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by Richard

Heard a song on TV or in a movie you’ve just seen? Do you really like it, but have no clue what it is? I’ve got that problem all the time. Usually I pick out some unique words from the lyrics, put them in my Treo, search for them on Google and find the lyrics to the song. This simplifies things a bit, and doesn’t require any work on your part other than remembering what show/movie you were watching when you heard it, and that’s easy. With Tunefind, you can even download the song immediately from iTunes.

via yewknee


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2 Responses to “Tunefind.”

  1. jesser Says:

    Excellent link, thanks! There were a couple of things I watched this weekend where I wanted to know what song that was … now if I can just remember which shows they were. ;)

  2. Richard Says:

    Yeah, it helped out this past weekend for sure. There was a song I liked that that played at the end of Conviction, and Tunefind knew exactly what it was! (KT Tunstall – On The Other Side, fyi)