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This past week I flew for the first time. Knowing that I need lots of material if I am going to entertain myself for any reasonable stretch of time, I brought quite a few magazines and a book… and of course all of my gadgets. What I failed to prepare for was all of the cabin noise in the plane. My stock iPod earbuds didn’t cut through the noise at all.

Unlike active noise cancelling headphones that “listen” to the environment, use some complex formula to generate a soundwave that cancels out the noise and require batteries, the Shure e2cs act just like very good earplugs, fit into your ear completely and block out all sound except what they’re putting out…which is some amazingly good, full sound.

I picked some e2cs up for $99 and the difference is amazing. True to their claims, they block everything out. I’ve heard things in my music since beginning to use them that I had no idea was there… down to the sound of guitar string squeaks and notes being sustained a whole lot longer than I remember. I have to go listen to my entire music collection again.


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