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Rasterbator v1.2.

by Richard

I know, I know… it’s such a bad name for a program, but the cool factor outweighs the poor naming choice. It’s been around for awhile in a web format (I made a huge Jennifer Garner rasterbation a little while back for one of the walls in my room), but now it’s available for download because the website is constantly swamped. The Rasterbator takes just about any image you can throw at it and converts it to a rasterized version that you can print out and put up on a wall, up to 20 meters long. You can download the standalone version below, and check out the gallery of what others have printed out using the program here.


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5 Responses to “Rasterbator v1.2.”

  1. Rory Says:

    This program is awesome on so many levels, its cool that it made it onto fresh arrival so that more people can be taught about it.

    Does anyone else use the comments?

  2. Shelli Russell Says:

    Your mom does.

  3. TiE23 Says:

    I just printed out 3 of them at school, can’t wait to get home and put them together.

    Made a 8 page Talim from Soul Calibur 2 and another Halo 2 shit.

  4. William T. Foxtrot Says:

    This is so cool… I just don’t know what picture to use. I want to do something to put on the walls of my dorm room, but it’s so hard to choose!

  5. Gabby Says:

    That’s the problem I had…
    It’s awesome that fresharrival found this.
    A neat tool for fellow art junkies.