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Grobag egg.

by Richard

Ever wanted to know exactly what the exact temperature in a room is, at a glance? The Grobag egg tells you, and changes color based on the temperature. It’s sort of like an Ambient Orb for the rooms in your house. If you’re energy conscious, have an infant or are just an information junkie like myself, this thing looks really cool.


via popgadget

BTW: hngry now pulls in restaurants automatically for you based on their name and the ZIP you live in. It’s easily been the most requested feature…It’s not quite complete yet (I want a default ZIP to come up, and for you to be able to search by city name), but if you know the name of a restaurant and the ZIP that you live in, it’s really useful.

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One Response to “Grobag egg.”

  1. Shelli Russell Says:

    Is this egg thing connected with Homeland Security? Like – ooh, it’s red! Run for cover and tape your windows! …which is what I do when it’s really hot outside, so, not that different from a terrorist attack.

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