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Zixxo is a new web service that offers localized coupons to their users based on their zip code and specified mile radius. The service is free for both users and advertisers throughout 2006. I would expect it to remain free for users as the business model and profit potential seems pretty obvious (charging advertisers + collecting valuable consumer information = profit).

The results in my area were a little slim and disproportionately restaurant based, but Zixxo is a brand new service surrounded by a good bit of buzz, so it’s likely the offerings will grow quickly.

Here is what you should do tonight:
1. Sign up for Zixxo and find an appealing coupon for a restaurant in your area
2. Eat dinner at said restaurant
3. Add restaurant to your hngry account for future reference


ed: Everyone welcome Chris to FreshArrival! He’s our newest writer, and this is his first post.

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