Ron Mueck.

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Ron Mueck is an amazing Australian sculptor who has become known primarily for his huge hyper-realistic sculptures of people. You may recognize some of his earlier work: Labyrinth. (Yes, the one with David Bowie in tights and all the crazy little goblins). Mueck was a model maker and puppeteer for the film and voiced the character Ludo.

Follow the link below for a slideshow of images from his gallery show at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in 2005.

Some of his work can be viewed here and here, and a RealPlayer video “walkaround” can be viewed here.

Some of his work is NSFW. It’s art, you know :)


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Yeah, I saw link of this on eBaums World. Pretty awsome stuff! I swear I thought the lady in the bed was real until the 3rd or so pic. >_

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