Wonderful Graffiti.

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Wonderful Graffiti is the brand name of some very nice vinyl appliques that you can stick on just about anything. If they don’t have a font/design that you like, you can even get yours custom-made. They make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting, too, for there’s a Flash wizard that lets you type your graffiti directly onto a virtual wall so you can see how much space it will take up, and get a mental picture of what it will look like. You can even print out sample letters so you can check them out in real life and get a feel for their dimensions.

Man, this stuff looks good, and very easy to apply/remove from anything you want to stick it on, so you can even put it on the walls of your apartment! They’re even very reasonably priced, at $25 for a 3 inch high, 4 foot wide sentence (just an example, prices will vary depending on how big or small you want to go). They don’t even charge by the letter or word. Explore their website if you’re interested. There’s a lot more on there that I just don’t have room to go into here.


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