Porsche Toaster

Siemens Porsche Toaster.

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Sure, you can buy a little white toaster for $8.99 at Wal-Mart. It might last you a year or two until you snap one of the fragile elements while prying a hopelessly stuck extra large bagel slice out with a fork. You could avoid all that and impress your friends with the Porsche Toaster from Siemens.

Siemens is an international company that has designed things like machines that analyze crystals and create visual representations of their atomic structure. If they can do that, I’m going to trust they can pretty much nail a toaster. It features brushed aluminum siding with cool wall technology, 11 degrees of variable browning, an energy efficient quartz heating element, memory settings, and automatically adjusts to bread thickness. Perhaps coolest of all, a blue LED shows you the remaining time before your toast is ready. Take that, crappy Wal-Mart toaster.

It retails for about $146 with a two-year warranty. Now they need to come out with one of those washer-and-dryer-all-in-one machines they have in Europe.


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