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Tara Donovan.

by Richard

Tara Donovan specializes in making the ordinary extraordinary. She’s an installation artist who takes simple, everyday things as pencils, drinking straws, disposable cups, Scotch tape and makes some amazing art out of them. You’ve got to check this stuff out. Don’t forget to check out the entire gallery (there are 3 pages) and some closeups.


I got my new MacBook Pro today and have been busy installing Ruby on Rails and copying over database schema/data for hngry. Now I’m going to be working on some great new hngry features from wherever I am (I’ve got some great ideas in the works now). Should be fun!

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2 Responses to “Tara Donovan.”

  1. chris Says:

    I especially enjoy those cube pieces like you have pictured. There is also one with toothpicks: “Toothpicks Held Together by Friction & Gravity Only” They are almost 3 feet to an edge!

    I’d like to see them in person, too bad the galleries are in New York and Los Angeles, the two farthest places in the states away from the midwest.

  2. Alex Says:

    This reminds me of another artist who does similar pieces called Tom Friedman. He’s made things like a cluster of hair a few centimetres above the ground hanging down from the ceiling with more hair, and a ball of chewing gum stuck in a corner.