simplehuman soap pumps.

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simplehuman has just come out with a pair of heavy duty soap pumps that would be at home in any moderm living environment. They’re much better looking alternatives to those generic plastic soap pumps that you normally find in stores, and feature heavy-duty hinge levers. Get these, and you might never have to buy a soap pump again.


PicPads takes pictures that you send them and turns them into personalized notepads.

toread uses a browser bookmarklet to email whole web pages to you so that you can read them at your leisure.

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I signed up for toread just to check it out. My first reaction was: why? If I want to read a website later, most likely I’ll just bookmark it in one of the many ways I do that, and read it later.

After a couple days of use though, it grew on me. Web pages are fleeting things, there is no guarentee that something you are looking at today will be there tommorow. I use Gmail, and I suppose you could say the same thing about that, but I feel a little safer there in that the email I archive will be there when I need it.

So I was looking up some lyrics to a song and found exactly what I was looking for, then just one tap the the [toread] button, and now those lyrics are archived in my Gmail….. cool.

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