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The premise is simple: Everyone loves free stuff. Startup companies give away free stuff. A ton of startups are located in Silicon Valley. But if you don’t live there and can’t get invited to the types of events where this stuff is given away and/or sold, how do you get your hands on this stuff? Enter ValleyShwag. For a fully refundable $14.95 per month, they will send you a care package filled with limited edition stickers, t-shirts, pens, buttons, and whatever else is available from the startups in the Valley. This looks like a great thing to give a shot, especially when you can receive a full refund (minus shipping.)

For examples of what’s actually in the packages, check out this Flickr page.


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They say you get *at least* one T-Shirt per month, which to me, makes it worth it right there. I signed up right away, I’ll post a link to some photos of the schwag I get when it arrives.

I agree with Chris, *at least* one tee-shirt is worth it. Even though the concept seems kind of poser-ish, I’m signing up as soon as I hit ‘Submit Comment’
Also, keep up the good work. Yours is one of about three sites I visit *every* day, lots of great stuff!
– Jimmy

Seems like a good idea but it also seems limited in scale. There’s only so many crappy pens you scan filtch at a convention. As popularity rise *at least* may turn into *up to*. still, if I had money or a place to put a bunch of crap I’d sign up.

after reading the blog I’m extra amused. apparently these guys didn’t know schwag = crappy pot and swag = free stuff/pirate booty. I recommend somebody get the domain name valleyswag before they catch on.

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