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War bowl.

by Chris Coyier

war bowl
Greener Grass Design is a company that collects interesting and beautiful products for the home from around the world and from more than 30 different designers. The whole website is worth a look as it features quite a few interesting and well designed products. Particularly interesting is this large bowl made from partially melted army guys. I remember setting up epic battles for my army guys as a child, where good triumphed over evil. The bowl, in this case, portrays a much more modern and philosophical representation of war - where confusion is abound, guns are pointed every which way, and the end result is a big complicated mess. The cost, at $225, teaches us one final lesson: war is expensive. MORE INFO

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2 Responses to “War bowl.”

  1. Larry Says:

    War is also good for business :)

  2. Zervas Says:

    I think the message is that trustafarians will pay 225$ for 2.25$ worth of army men if you pretend that the bowl has some kind of deeper meaning.