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TerraPass is a non-profit organization that funds clean energy projects like wind farms and methane capture facilities. This is how it works:

1) You calculate the yearly CO2 emissions of your car
2) You buy a TerraPass
3) TerraPass uses that money to fund various clean energy projects
4) An equilibrium is reached where your contribution reduces just as much CO2 emission as your car produces (third-party certified)

Prices range from $30/year to $80/year depending on the make and model of your car and how much you drive it. My 2002 Saturn L200, at about 20k miles a year, puts me at the $80 level. Included in the membership is a bunch of decals and stickers to let everyone know how environmentally cool you are.


Thanks to Chelsey for sending this in!

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So a car that gets probably 28+ MPG, driven a reasonable number of miles a year, is in the TOP category? What about someone who drives a Hummer (9 mpg) 30k a year? Okay, I tried it, and they don’t do Hummers. Nor the biggest GMC SUV, but I did the worst one I could find (K1500 4wd, 25k miles a year) and it came to $160 a year. Might want to update those numbers :-)

People who drive Hummers… I’m thinking that’s not really their target market. If a person buys a Hummer for 12000 miles a year of regular daily driving… just a hunch, but I’m going to guess that the environment is maybe not their first priority!

Yes, I see that some of the bigger SUV’s come up with $160 when you calculate the cost. It does say on that page that the $160 is just two separate TerraPasses.

Honestly, I think it’s too bad they don’t even list Hummers. I think they are pretty cool, well-designed cars, but i would never buy one because of how ridiculously bad they are for the environment. There are probably people out there that feel similar to how I do, ended up buying one, and are looking to make up for their environmental misgivings somehow (and can also afford 3 or 4 TerraPasses). Probably not very many, but some.

In “The Punishment Fits The Crime” department:

A cow-orker of mine was having his car inspected at a gas station. He saw a guy filling up his Hummer, and so when the guy left my friend sauntered over to see what the tab was.


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