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IGotNewsForYou is a brand new website that creates a unique and humorous “newspaper” page that you can email to someone or have printed and mailed. You fill out a bunch of information about yourself and the person you are sending it to, such as your names, locations, and quirkier things like “Fantasy Job”, and IGotNewsForYou generates the page (you get an email when its done). For $3.95, you can email the page to your recipient or for $9.95 (plus shipping fees), you can have an 11×17 poster printed and mailed. For $14.95 / yr, you can email as many pages as you wish.

The unique pages can be used as greetings for your friends and family or as a gift. A sample page can be viewed here. You can even contribute your own stories to their writing contest and win one of many prizes.


The second trailer for Superman Returns is out!

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