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Operation Photo Rescue.

by Richard

“In an effort to help the residents of Pass Christian, MS in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, photojournalist Becky Sell and photo editor Dave Ellis have embarked on a mission to recover the photos and memories that would be lost to the storm.” I can’t really say it any better than that. This is a great cause that these two have set out on, and they’ve achieved some great results. They’ve found an excellent way to give to this storm damaged community, and it shows.


I don’t know if this thing works well, but man I’m thinking about trying one out. I know, I know… totally lazy.

Bed Books: printed sideways so you can easily read them lying down.

Speaking of books: Blurb has finally released their BookSmart software for both PC and Mac, and is having a limited-time sale on your very own 40 page hardcover book.

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