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Getting rid of an application you no longer want on a Mac is as simple as dragging that application to the Trash. All the nuts and bolts files that allow that application to run are stored within a package, which is what you see as an application icon. There are things, however, that a deleted application will leave behind: preference files and support files that are often stashed away in the system library.

A hip little program released earlier this year, AppZapper, does all the dirty work in finding these orphaned files and deleting them along with the application. If you are the kind of person who likes checking out cool new apps (I know I am), AppZapper is a godsend for keeping your system free of miscellaneous debris. Plus, it just feels good zapping away an application. “Important” applications (iTunes, iPhoto, etc.) are protected from zappage. $12.95 includes free updates for life and the awesomeist icon ever.

MORE INFO (…and no, you can’t zap AppZapper with AppZapper (I tried.)

ed: hngry now supports tagging sitewide, so now you can group your restaurants by whatever you want. Happy tagging!

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