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MonsterPod is a pretty nifty invention that lets you mount your point and shoot camera on pretty much whatever you want to get a good, stable shot without having to carry a full or even miniature tripod around. What makes this possible? A “viscoelastic morphing polymer base” that will support up to a 10 oz camera upside down for up to 10 minutes easily. Of course, when you’ve gotten the shot you want, you can easily peel it off of whatever you’ve stuck it on. It’s $30, and available now. Watch a video of it in action here. Seems like you could get some pretty cool shots out of your camera that you couldn’t get otherwise.


Imogen Heap has a new video out for “Goodnight and Go.

Also, if you’re a Lucky Charms eater and an iTunes user, there is a free iTunes song code inside each box right now… No contest to win, if you buy the cereal, you get a free song. Just look for the specially marked boxes.

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That looks as you said as a good invention. Certainly there are this problem when you try to get a certain angle or when theres not a flat or horizontal surface around. And to use on a small camera, it really is all right. I will give it a try!

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