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RFID has been a controversial topic lately. Political issues like the government tracking people with chips imbedded into driver’s licenses and security concerns like viruses spreading over RFID have soured the name of what is essentially a simple and harmless technology. How can we use RFID for the forces of good? With the Loc8tor, a handheld RFID device whose function is twofold:

1) Find objects. You put little tags onto important objects (like your keys, remote controls, or cell phone) and when you inevitably lose them, the loc8tor will use fancy directional technology to guide you to the lost object.
2) Not lose objects. You are able to set up a perimeter with loc8tor that will alert you if one of your tagged items moves outside of it. Great thing to put in your kid’s overalls at the park or for shopkeepers to tag their merchandise.

Loc8tor works within a 600 ft. radius and allows you to track 24 items, with upgrade packages available to track up to 6000 items. It will be $112.00 when it becomes available. What happens if you lose the Loc8tor? I dunno, I guess you’d better buy two.


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600 feet radius may be a little light but I could see tagging all the cop cars in town. It has pretty good stalking potential too. If they could push the radius out significantly it could have all kinds of -mostly evil- uses. as is I’m thinking of getting one.

i would like to get one too. i can think of many travel uses including my luggage at the airport, my baggage while i’m sleeping at the airport gate, all kinds of applications. but my god, talk about vaporware. this item has been talked about since late 2005 and the year 2006 is halfway over and it still isn’t for sale. people have bulit entire tvs, computers, cellphones, and/or dvd players in that amount of time. how long does it really take to get this product to market? what’s the problem? how long do we have their website saying “coming soon.” maybe they should just put late 2007 or something. :(

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