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My girlfriend and I went to Six Flags not too long ago. When we got there, we got in line for the SpongeBob SquarePants ride. It contained one of those motion platforms that reacts to the sounds and actions onscreen. We were bumped, shaken, tilted and vibrated along with the onscreen action. It was the most fun I’d had in awhile, and we actually rode it again before we left the park that night.

Armedchair aims to bring that experience to your home theater. They’ve built what amounts to a whole motion simulator in a chair. It already works with hundreds of the most popular movies out there. It’s way out of just about everyone’s reach right now at about $12,000, but you’ll probably be seeing these or something like them for pretty reasonable prices in the next few years, because everyone seems to be deserting the typical movie theatre experience and building their own home theater system on their own terms. Personally, I can’t wait til I can pick one of these up.


The new Cars trailer is out!

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