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Got something to show the world? Don’t have time to put together a stunning portfolio or hire a design team to do it for you? You need Carbonmade, a new web app that lets you make a well-designed portfolio for your work with almost no effort at all. They’ve already got over 1700 portfolios online, with more being added every week. Check out the feature list here. You’ve got to love a web app that does one thing, and does it well. I think I’m going to go sign up for one right now!

MORE INFO find out what’s coming out, and when.

The Corporate Angel Network: they give away free seats on corporate jets to cancer patients who are traveling to treatment. Too cool. Of course, you can donate to the cause.

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Looks like a pretty slick service.

I think it probably works a little better for graphic designers or more traditional artists than web designers though. I think it says something about you if you are a “web designer” that used someone elses design / service for your own portfolio. I’m sure you could use this service and have it link out to another portfolio though. I’ll probably be doing just that, I’ve been working on my own portfolio for a while, and I sure wouldn’t mind someone finding it through browsing around Carbonmade.

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