Picture Cloud

Picture Cloud.

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Picture Cloud is a neat web service that creates “3D” images for you from your own images. The process is pretty easy: take a bunch of photos around an object (they recommend 20) then upload the photos. Picture Cloud does the rest. The result is a movie file (shockwave) that you can view on their site or use the provided code to embed into any website you’d like. The movies auto-play when loaded, but you can click them to stop them and then control the rotation yourself with your mouse. For 99 cents, they remove the logo, make it bit more professional looking, and allow you to download it.

I could see how this would be a nice touch to an eBay auction or a Craigslist post, but I’m not sure that sites like that allow you to embed code like that or not. I’m thinking about making one up of my grandma’s legs.


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