Forgive Durden – Wonderland.

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Forgive Durden. Until I got this CD in the mail, I had never even heard of these guys… I won’t be forgetting them anytime soon, though. They have some of the most interesting, fresh music I’ve come across in a good while. This CD is close to perfect. It’s a themed album that documents the lives/experiences of certain individuals in a world called Wonderland, which has obvious parallels to real life. It speaks of love, despair, corporate greed, lies, deception, and even glimmers of hope. I’m pretty good at predicting chord changes, but these guys took the music in places I didn’t expect it to go just about every time. I rewound songs on this album several times just to hear a part replayed because the hook or riff was just so good/and or totally unexpected.

The album clocks in at just a few seconds over 40 minutes… From past experience, though, I’ve found that it’s better to have a rock-solid album that may be a little short than to put crappy filler songs in it for the sake of extending playing time. These guys show restraint there and let the album stand on its own… and you’ve got to respect that.

You can listen to the track below, if you’d like. Click “dload” on the player and you’ll be able to download the track as well. As always, turn your speakers up and enjoy. Welcome to Wonderland. Let the music speak for itself, then go pick up the album. It will be the best $10 you spend on music this year.

Forgive Durden
Beware The Jubjub Bird…


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Interesting… and EXCELLENT, they’re on Rhapsody, so I can stream the whole thing to decide if I want to buy it! Awesome.

Of course you can have your own opinion, but I thought the track was anything but bland. I appreciated the clear vocals, use of harmony, complex arrangement, and the quality of production. Then again, I don’t listen to this type of stuff everyday so I don’t have the best frame of reference.

This comment posted by a banjo-playing midwestern nerd who’s CD collection consists almost entirely of downloaded live hippie music, Pre 70’s folk and bluegrass albums, and jazz.

Yeah, I was totally serious (I did write an entire post on the subject ;)), and of course, you’re entitled to your own opinion. I’m sorry you didn’t like what you heard.

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