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Nike+iPod = Sport Kit.

by Richard

I’ve got to say, I definitely didn’t see this coming. Nike and Apple have teamed up to introduce a new product that is a natural extension of one of the main uses for an iPod… jogging. It’s made of two components that work closely together to keep track of all the stats and details that you’d ever want to know about your running performance. The kit works through iTunes to synchronize all your workout data/songs with your PC and even uploads it to your personal account on

The best part is that the kit will only run you $29. That’s something you don’t really expect from a combination of the company that makes $100+ Air Jordans and the company that charges $200 extra for a black laptop. It will be available in late June.


Ok, I was like, whatever… the international trailer for Superman Returns… I’ve seen the other 2 trailers already, why would I want to watch that one? I did, though. Wow. Just watch the last minute or so.

Why Americans should not be allowed to travel.

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6 Responses to “Nike+iPod = Sport Kit.”

  1. Herr Herrner Says:

    Problem is you’ll need to spend another $100 on the Nike+ Running Shoes to get the thing running – and I don’t even want to think about what they’ll cost over here in Europe.

  2. Matt Says:

    Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor…..brilliant.

  3. Richard Says:

    From reading the site, it didn’t seem like the Nike+ Running shoes have anything in them besides a special pocket underneath the foot to hold the sensor. I think it’d be reasonably easy to put it somewhere else in a normal shoe, or mod your existing ones so it would fit.

    I mean, it’s 0.23 oz, I think I could find somewhere else to put it in my shoe. :)

  4. Shauni Says:

    Yes, but will the sensor be available for purchase? I believe the sensor is included in he shoe… Also, ou have to get an ipod Nano – unfortunately I own a mini ipod.

  5. Richard Says:

    The sensor comes with the kit, and slips into a special pocket in the Nike+ shoes… that’s why I assume you can use it with any shoe. tthe Nike website says only that the Nike+ shoes come with a special pocket for the sensor. The sensor and iPod connector come in the kit.

    Look at this link.

    You are correct in saying that it won’t work with your iPod mini, though.

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