Ten Bills.

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Ten Bills does pretty much what you’d expect them to do, given the name: They sell some excellently designed tees for $10 each. I especially like this one.


The TuneBuckle is now out with 2 more styles: Full Metal Jacket & Full Moon.

Ok, I know I’m way behind the curve here, but I finally downloaded Delicious Library tonight and installed it on my MacBook Pro. Of course, since it has a built in iSight camera, the first thing I tried was to import the nearest DVD I had using it. I held it in front of the camera, my laptop beeped, and after about 3 seconds it had pulled in all the information I’d ever want to know about it, added a picture of it to my virtual shelf, and even spoke the name of the DVD out loud. It’s really good software, and works just the way you’d expect it to.

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