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by Chris Coyier


Moola is an enticing new internet game that promises large real cash pay-outs for winning games. The concept is pretty simple: Moola gives you a penny, then you can use that penny to play against other players for a penny. The winner of the game wins both pennies and then can play against other players for two pennies. After 30 rounds of this, the stakes are over 10 million dollars.

Before you can play a game, you are forced to watch a video ad and then answer a question based on what you saw. The odds of winning a game, as far as I can tell, are 50/50. The odds of winning even 10 of these games in a row are… calculating in head… super bad. Some players will inevitably make it, but I really can’t see any players at the upper echelons or even the top half. Would you risk 20 grand on a game of random chance? How about a million dollars? Still, if you are just screwing around on the internet looking to play a game, you may as well play one where you have the chance to win some bucks for nothing. You can also invite your friends and if they sign up, you get a slice of their winnings.


As far as fun little internet games go, I think GROW is king.

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3 Responses to “Moola.”

  1. Devorah Says:

    Got any invites?
    I’m not invited yet.
    Love the site by the way.

  2. Richard Says:

    No, I don’t have any yet either…sorry! Chris got in, but he’s out of town for the week, so he can’t be of much assistance there, either. :-/

  3. Chris Coyier Says:

    Just got in tonight =)

    I think I have some invites left, email me and I’ll send them out until I run out.