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It has never happened to me (knock on wood), but I’m sure getting your thousand-dollar-plus laptop ripped off would be a painful ordeal. The chances are slim to none that law enforcement is going to be able to help you so unless you are Chuck Norris, you’re out of luck.

There must be something we can do. Laptops are sophisticated technology… we must be able to use that to our advantage. Oh yes, we can… with Undercover. Undercover is low-level, non-removable, theft-prevention software for Macs. Using super-sneaky methods, Undercover can help you get your Mac back. As soon as you report your laptop stolen, the next time the Mac senses a WiFi connection, it will report back IP addresses, screenshots of itself, as well pictures from the iSight camera. If you’re unable to recover it, Undercover slowly starts simulating a screen failure. That’s some pretty hardcore protection for $30.


You go, Mr. Rogers. Respect.

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