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DataDots are tiny, grain-of-sand sized dots that are coded with a unique number and mixed into an adhesive that you can apply to your electronic devices, car, or whatever else you’d like to be able to be able to keep track of in case of theft. DataDots are used right now by police to identify stolen items and prove ownership (they only need to find one dot on the device to do so.) You just apply them to your device, register the number in the national database, and when your item is found, it can be returned to you easily and quickly because the police already know what to look for. A kit containing 500 dots runs only $19.99.


Peaceful Warrior looks like a pretty good movie (I saw the trailer in Front Row today). Nick Nolte!

Quite a bit overpriced, at $150, but this is a pretty cool spin on a lamp design.
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A real snake on a plane!

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