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Freshly returned from a week of camping, I have a renewed appreciation for a quality pocket knife. I’d like to carry one with me at all times, but I find mine to be a bit too large and cumbersome to be in my pocket all day. The masters of multi-tools, Victorinox, have a fairly elegant solution. The SwissCard is a credit card sized plastic tool case that features a blade, scissors, pin, nail file, screwdrivers, tweezers, toothpick, pressurized ballpoint pen, LED light, and ruler. They make the SwissCard in a few different colors including translucents and offer a Money Clip model that replaces the nail file with a money clip. I think the pen and the blade alone are worth the reasonable $35.00.

If you are the pocket knife type and also carry a USB thumb drive, check out their robust SwissMemory line.


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