DS Lite.

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I picked up a couple of Nintendo DS Lites this weekend for myself and my girlfriend because I finally got fed up with Sony’s lack of actual fun games for the PSP (which I sold this past week). Don’t get me wrong, the PSP is an advanced portable gaming system, with a great screen and great specs, but there really aren’t that many good games to play anymore. The DS Lite came out yesterday in the US, and has pretty much the same features as the original DS… however, it’s smaller, better designed, and has a much better screen. The lack of resolution as compared to the PSP is a non-issue as soon as you find some good games to play, and there are a ton. The best part is, a good number of multiplayer games don’t even require more than one game cartridge between everyone who wants to play. It’s simple to set up, and finds other DSes in the area to chat or play games with within seconds. It’s a great deal as well… at $129, I was able to buy 2 of them for 8 dollars more than I originally spent on my PSP.


If you haven’t gone to see Cars yet, go you must. Pixar outdid themselves again.

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