Intellitouch Tuner

Intellitouch Tuner.

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All of you stringed instrument musicians out there probably already realize the importance of keeping your instrument in tune. For everyone thinking about learning, I’m telling you now, keeping your instrument in tune is vitally important. In summer, hot days and cool nights will screw up your instrument’s tuning quickly. I’m sure you’ve heard people say they can tune “by ear”. Usually that means they can tune the instrument so the strings are in tune to each other. Well, that’s super, but that doesn’t get you very far since you won’t be in tune to anyone else and you might be way off base for how your instrument was designed. For your own sake and everyone else’s, use a tuner. What is the most convenient and reliable tuner out there? The Intellitouch Tuner.

It has a rubber-padded clip that attaches to the headstock of almost any instrument. The tuner does not have a microphone, it picks up vibrations from the instrument, so you can tune in noisy environments that microphone-based tuners cannot. The screen is backlit so it is useful on dark stages or outside at night. The tuner is guaranteed for life and is $70 straight from the company, but I’ve seen them as cheap as $50 in stores.


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I have a problem with my tuner not picking up any notes from my upright bass and sometimes when I’m tuning my accoustic bass or electric bass it displays the wrong note or no note at all. Has anyone else had this problem?

Is your tuner an Intellitouch Tuner? Tuners in general are notorius for not working well with basses and the Intellitouch, I’ve found, is no exception. Usually you can get them to go eventually though, so if you get no response at all, I would use the lifetime warrenty and send it in to be replaced.

Some good advice with this tuner: don’t whack the string. Playing the string you are tuning very softly and cleanly will get better results than playing the string loudly, as the more the string vibrates the louder the harmonics sound which confuse the tuner. You might want to try playing the harmonic half-way up the string, or the octave harmonic, somtimes that does the trick.

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