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Expiration dates let you know when you can expect for something to expire if it hasn’t been opened… Timestrips let you know how much time has passed since you actually opened the item in question, or how much time is left until you need to do something, like clean the aquarium. This is especially useful for fruit juice (which has a short life span after it’s been opened), baby formula and even leftovers (once you get a good weeks’ worth of Tupperware in the fridge, who knows what’s what anymore). They’re sold in several different types including Fridgestrips: which are good for monitoring things in days, Freezerstrips: which work up to 4 months, and Timestrips for Room Temperature: for anything that you need a visual reminder for, outside of the fridge. You can buy them online from the UK now, but hopefully soon, you’ll be able to pick some up in a grocery store here in the US.


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I’m a firm beleiver in Darwinian Natural Selection…surivival of the fittest and such. Objects like this make it easier for stupid people to survive =)

If you dont know better than to drink 2 month old milk, you dont deserve to be using any extra oxygen I could be using instead~ Its like those child safety latches on cabinents

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