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There is a different kind of invisible bookshelf out there, where a thin metal shelf holds the bottom book and then you can stack books on top of that making a floating pile of books on your wall. Kind of cool, but not very convienient for getting at the books.

The Sticklebook Invisible Bookshelf is the same concept, except it holds the books vertically which is even cooler and more mysterious to the common passerby. Sticklebook is only designed to work with paperback books and because of the “comb” technology that holds the books up, does leave a small mark on the ends of the book. One shelf costs about $30 and holds an average of 13 books.


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The whole reason I display books is to rub it in the face of other people. I make sure to display stuff that shows how not only smart I am but cutting edge/super deep, you know, in like a philosopher ninja kind of way. Now I’ll be able to really put people in their place.

What an awful invention for book lovers. Who would treat their books with such disrespect… presuming it leaves indentations on the cover and pages.

Most suitable for cheap, throw-away paperbacks you don’t care about.

Good name though.

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