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by Chris Coyier


Beachgoers take note, there is a new towel on the block. You could be on the fast train to cool town if you’re the first one at your beach to sport one of these babies. The Shaggel is a large 100% cotton beach towel that sports a fluffy and comfortable shag side and a cushiony and absorbent towel side. Or, as their slogan so elegantly puts it: Shag + Towel = Shaggel.

The Shaggel is machine washable, comes in six colors (you have to get the 2005 model if you want light orange), and comes with a Velcro strap for keeping it rolled up tight. Of course you all want to know…Can you shag on it? At 34″ x 64″, I’m thinking it can be done.


ed: Shaggel donates 10% of their profits to a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of beaches and oceans.

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