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How do you find new music to listen to if you’re not down with being spoon fed new artists by the radio and television? You use MOG. MOG is all about making connections with other people and finding new music based on music that you have in common. You normally find out about the best new music from like-minded friends or acquaintances you have, and MOG helps you expand that network so that you can discover all sorts of things you’ve never heard before, and perhaps even make some new friends along the way.

MOG really comes into its own when you install the comapanion desktop application, MOG-O-MATIC (for Windows and Mac). It keeps track of your artist playing stats, your entire music library, the last song you’ve played, and more… which gives MOG the information it needs to start connecting you with others, automatically. It’s Muze powered as well, and you’ll notice the power of the underlying database the first time you start to type an album name into the interface and it autocompletes for you. It found my latest musical obsession, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, no problem. Southerncore.


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