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Digitile is a company that produces custom tile work from digital images. The image is printed onto the tiles using a ceramic printing technique and then, presumably, fired through a kiln. The tiles are frost, fire, and shock-proof as well as resistant to chemicals. They have their own stock imagery that you can choose from, but what fun is that? I’m seeing a 10-foot picture of Mother Theresa’s face on my bathroom floor. Or maybe one of those crazy space-twisting optical illusions in my living room.

The pricing really varies from project to project based on the size of the tiles, the area of coverage, and if you are using repeated tiles or going all custom. For example, a 10’x12′ section of wall, as a mural in 8″ square tiles, would run you about $6,500. In other words, you better be darn sure you love the image you choose, because you can’t just slap a coat of paint on this one.


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