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Beautiful/Decay describes itself in this way: “Founded on the theory that ” if you can’t find it, You make it”, Beautiful/Decay was created to bridge the gap between art and graffiti, underground and mainstream, design and fine art, punk rock and hip hop, illustration and design, and most importantly, high and low art. With a focus on cutting edge work in all the aforementioned genres, B/D strives to showcase new and emerging artwork, whether it be interior or exterior.” Beautiful/Decay is definitely the best designed magazine I’ve ever come across. From its rounded edges (who takes the time to round the corners on a magazine?) to the semi-glossy pages that can only be described as bursting with color to the excellent photography and layout, to the articles themselves, Beautiful/Decay is a magazine in a class all its own. If you’re into great design, art, music and the people behind it all, Beautiful/Decay is a must-read.


Speaking of art: this guy is insanely talented. He draws full works of art in the dust on the back of his car.

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