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Bag Capsule.

by Chris Coyier

Bag Capsule
The Bag Capsule is a product by Simplehuman that dispenses bags much like baby wipes. But unlike baby wipes, the bags can be any length you want them to be (until the roll runs out, about 30 feet) That's a lot of bag, folks. When you have pulled out enough bag for your tastes, you use the built-in cutter to cut it off and then tie a knot in the end. The canister itself is only about 2" in diameter, so I'm thinking the width of the bags leaves a little bit to be desired. The product site suggests that it is ideal for diapers, pets, and travel. I would add in-car trash bag dispenser to that list, as the tiny canister would easily fit in any console compartment, cupholder, or glove box. More than any of these rational uses, this product brings me back to my Dungeons & Dragons days and my favorite magical item. The Bag Capsule will run you $6 and comes with two bag rolls. Packs of 3 bag rolls run $5. MORE INFO

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