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I am a fan of a ton of different musical artists, and because there are so many that I enjoy, I’m starting to lose track of some of them as far as their tour dates and album release dates are concerned. More and more, I’ve been realizing that an album was released weeks before I knew about it, and it’s been getting old. I decided to look for a way to keep track of my favorite artists, figuring that there just had to be some good way to do it that I’d just not heard of before. While searching, I came across a new website called Fanconcert that looks pretty promising. It lets you subscribe to new releases/events by your favorite artists via email and/or RSS, and you don’t even have to be a member to check it out for yourself and see if it meets your needs. Excellent!


Also, if you want to know about the latest trailers and movie news as soon as they become available, check out TheMovieBox.

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