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You’ve got photos on your cell phone, digital camera, computer, and online. How do you keep them all in sync? Try Sharpcast. In conjunction with their desktop application, you can access all of your photos from wherever you are, and they automatically sync up when they’re changed anywhere.

Sharpcast Photos is just scratching the surface of what’s coming from Sharpcast in the future. They’ve got more functionality coming which will bring the power of Sharpcast to all of your media files in all sorts of great ways (I’m most interested in the capability to take a picture on my Treo and have it automatically sync to both the web and my computer automagically.) I can’t wait! For more information on what they have planned, check out their blog. You can download Sharpcast Photos now if you’re a Windows user, and if you’re a Mac user, you can use Sharpcast Photos on the web for now, and then use Sharpcast Photos for Mac when it’s available.


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I just read this on digg, and thought this was right up your alley Richard. Its a listing of what songs were in what commercial.

It didn’t have the Filter song in that car commercial I’m trying to find.

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