Landon Pigg.

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I received an advance copy of Landon’s upcoming CD, entitled “LP” this past weekend, and it’s been in my rotation ever since. In the past, I ran a music promotion website, so I’ve received a lot of CDs to check out over the past few years. Usually they have to grow on me a bit, but from the moment this CD started to play, I loved it. It’s a well-written album that has a very accessible sound, but a healthy dose of emotion and depth at the same time. If you’re a fan of Pete Yorn, Howie Day, or Coldplay’s first cd, you’ll love Landon’s music.

Don’t let my comparisons to other artists give you preconceived notions of what Landon sounds like, for he’s got a sound and voice all his own. His lyrics are well written, and unlike a lot of artists out there, he actually has something to say. Listen for yourself below, and when his CD comes out July 25th on RCA Records, I suggest you pick it up. :)


Landon Pigg
Can’t Let Go

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