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Expanding to the weekends!

by Richard

FreshArrival was started with the hope that one day we could bring you at least one amazingly cool thing every day, but we didn’t really have the resources or time to do that from the start. That all changes today, though. We’ll still be bringing you the same FA you know and love every weekday, but on the weekends you’ll get even more.

There are a lot of links that we have that never quite make it to the front page because we can’t devote a whole post to them, or they just get buried beneath a bunch of newer links that we want to share… Every now and then, one or two of them make it to the bottom of a post, but there’s a lot more that gets left behind. As per the request of one of our readers, we’re going to post at least 3 of those every Saturday and Sunday, in an effort to bring you even more amazingly cool things.

This also means a tagline change, as you may have noticed. Now it’s finally FreshArrival: one amazingly cool thing, every day. (If the tagline on top of this page hasn’t changed for you yet, just hit reload.) We’re excited! In honor of this momentous occasion, we’re going to print up some FreshArrival t-shirts. More on that later.

And now for some of those extra links!

Timesphere clock looks cool, sort of tells time.

Heather Powazek Champ takes long photos (or short videos :)) 10 seconds long, to be exact.

Play And Freeze Ice Cream maker. Put rock salt and ice in one side, ice cream mix on the other side and then pass it around, roll it or shake it for about 20 minutes to make some ice cream!

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2 Responses to “Expanding to the weekends!”

  1. Charlie Says:

    You just made my Saturday and Sunday more fun!
    Thanks for the weekend links.

  2. Michael Haydel Says:


    Glad you were able to make the weekend thing happen. *This* is exactly what’ll make the weekend that much more enjoyable!