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Summer Mix Series.

by Richard

Ah, the summer. It’s filled with fun things like trips, the beach, time at the pool, camping out, barbeques, and working on the perfect tan. What’s missing? The soundtrack, of course! Yewknee gets a bunch of friends to make up a mix cd or two a few times a year and the results are compiled on the official mix page, with links to each mix and its accompanying cover art for download.

What better way is there to spend the summer than discovering some great new music? Go ahead, give it a shot.


This vase is excellently designed. Too bad it’s not available here in the US yet. I bet the MoMa Store will pick it up relatively soon, though. I’ll keep an eye out for it, and if see it for sale here, I’ll let you all know.

Who knew clothespins had such a unique history?

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One Response to “Summer Mix Series.”

  1. Chris Coyier Says:

    I love the vase. It’s sort of like an inverted newsvine logo. Is anyone else a complete newsvine nerd like me? Of all the social news web 2.0 deals, they really nailed it. It’s that Mike Davidson guy. If the internet was Christianity, Mike Davidson would be jesus.