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The Chairbag is a new product by Dutch design company PS Lab. I was initially attracted to the product from the bizarre email we got about it, which sounds like it was written in Dutch, then translated into Japanese, then back to English:

“The Chairbag is the solution for the threat of the rising sea level due to the melting polar ice. The Chairbag is mostly inspired by the roughness of a good-looking buoy. So if the North Sea will break through the dikes, all Dutch households are saved by their floating Chairbag.”

Essentially the Chairbag is an inflatable plastic chair that, when deflated, fits into a carrying bag. Its shaped like a humpback-pear and comes in America’s favorite colors: red, white, and blue (also black and gray). There is a big ol’ handle on the top for moving it around and doubles as the handle for the bag. I can’t figure out how they intend you to blow the thing up, so I’m going to assume it’s a bring-your-own-pump thing. If you forget your pump, don’t use your lungs folks.

I remember a few years back I went camping and tried to blow up my air mattress that way. I ended up getting so dizzy I fell over and smacked my head.


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Love the site! Please bring back nagivation buttons on the index page. Not everyone can look at a site every day and having to work through the archive is a pain.

Sara, what do you mean by the navigation buttons? All there was in terms of post navigation on the front page was a Previous Post link, so I think that’s what you’re referring to (please correct me if I’m wrong).

If so, I’m working on putting it back… I had to take it down because of some code changes behind the scenes that broke its functionality. It shall return!

Great description. They shoulda charted the usefullness of it with the decline of pirates compared to the rise of global warming.

I thought all the dutch in the area were in Dutch Settlement~

As a gesture of goodwill, this company should donate chairs to New Orleans. It’d kill 2 birds with 1 stone. It would help furnish rebuilt houses, and potentially save lives in the future.

Note to Sara – subscribe to the RSS feed with Firefox and you will see the previous 10 days worth of submissions (that used to be a full 2 weeks until these guys got up the gumption to do weekends too booyah!). Keep up the good work!

Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

We are working on getting that previous post button back working and hopefully a new and sexier way to browse the archives.

Michael is right about the RSS too, that is a great way to keep abreast on the all the current FreshArrivals.

Michael and Sara-

I just upped the post count in the RSS feed to the last 14 entries, so you should be getting a full 2 weeks of posts again. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Michael.

This chair is the SWEETEST thing i’ve played with in a while – been playing with one for the last week – and will have a crazy review up in a few days!!! — p.s. still loving your site! ~ notcot

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