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by Richard

Frucall puts the power of internet price comparison in your pocket. The service is simple: just dial 1-888-DO-FRUCALL and type or read (in the future) the product’s barcode into your phone. I gave it a shot today and was impressed with the results. I grabbed a random CD off my shelf, entered the numbers from the barcode, and after a few seconds, Frucall knew what CD it was, the highest and lowest prices it cound find on the internet for it (both new and used), and offered me a bunch more options, including getting customer ratings for the CD, leaving myself a voice note (tied to my Frucall account for easy reference), buying it from an online store right then and there, and more. It seems like a prety useful service to have in my pocket, and I’m definitely adding it to the contact list in my phone.


Well, it seems Chris and I are split on this one: My exact words when I saw this were “Whyyyyyy, dear God?”. Chris is hopeful that it will be a good movie. We shall see. :)

edit: I just found out that the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit is now out. Just thought someone might like to know!

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4 Responses to “Frucall.”

  1. Matt Says:

    My friend was saying the same thing about that trailer. Then I showed it to him, and he got as stoked as I am. Its all about the music man, makes you wanna get up and run or something.

  2. Richard Says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen the trailer. Still underwhelmed. Looks like so far, I’m in the minority. What does everyone else think?

  3. Chris Coyier Says:

    I just love that the reason he gets back into fighting is because he sees a computer simulation of himself fighting current fighters. I gotta see that.

  4. Matt Says:

    I tried giving Frucall a call, and only got a busy signall~