Floating Bed

Floating Bed.

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The hammock sets the bar for all-encompassing no-frills backyard comfort. That is, once you get in the thing. The difficulty in getting in and out of hammocks and fact that they lack the versatility of a big wide flat surface are the two big factors in keeping hammocks out of our bedrooms. But now, thanks to The Floating Bed Company, we can combine the joys of subtle rocking motion and cushion of loosely woven threads with the functionality and shareability of a traditional bed.

Floating beds can be used outdoors or indoors and would certainly make for an interesting gazebo or sun-room. As many as six people can pile on to the floating bed with no problem assuming it is mounted properly with a weight distribution system. The beds come in four different sizes with an optional memory foam pad for support and are all workable with standard size sheets. The whole package runs between three and four grand depending on size and accessories.


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